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Brian (Chick) Hennessy. Vietnam veteran. Restaurant Once a tired old shop-front on an ordinary thoroughfare in an inner-city ethnic enclave, now it's a popular little restaurant in a trendy part of town. Inside, large faux-asian paintings look down on a clutter of cane furniture supporting satisfied patrons indulging the evening away. Squeezed together in shoulder-rubbing, […]

Vietnam: A battle.

Brian (Chick) Hennessy. Vietnam veteran. Vietnam: A battle He is relaxing in his company lines in Nui Dat, the base camp for Australian troops in Vietnam. This is home. And this is a rare day off from patrolling outside the wire, the barbed-wire perimeter surrounding this small piece of Australia in Phuoc Thuy province. Although […]

Vietnam: The Horseshoe.

Brian (Chick) Hennessy. Vietnam veteran. Vietnam: the Horseshoe He sits, rifle across his lap, webbing beside him, and his body leaning against the trunk of a small tree. He is exhausted but alert. Ever ready to grasp his weapon and adopt a firing position. He is in the Long Green, a narrow strip of savannah scrub […]

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