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Catholicism & Buddhism: personal view

Brian Hennessy. An Australian in China. May, 2022 Time spent in China gave me time to explore the three main ‘religions’ of that society. I use the term loosely, because Confucianism, Buddhism, and Taoism (Dao) cannot be classed as religions in the Western sense. Briefly: Confucianism is a social construct; Buddhism is more a philosophy […]

Vietnamese Restaurant

Brian Hennessy. Vietnamese restaurant Once a tired old shop-front on an ordinary thoroughfare in an inner-city ethnic enclave, now it’s a popular little restaurant in a trendy part of town. Inside, large faux-asian paintings look down on a clutter of cane furniture supporting satisfied patrons indulging the evening away. Squeezed together in shoulder-rubbing, elbow bumping […]

On PTSD: Post Traumatic Stress

Brian (Chick) Hennessy. Vietnam vet. Ex 6RAR first tour. This is the last chapter in Brian’s book on Vietnam titled, The Sharp End: my war in Vietnam. See eBooks in the toolbar above for information.     On PTSD: Post Traumatic Stress. My opinion only. These days we know a lot more about how a […]

The Silk Road by train

Brian Hennessy. An Australian in China. September/October, 2015 Traversing the Silk Road by train in Central Asia. How does one condense so much ancient and modern history into one short article? A difficult task. So I will limit my observations to a traveller’s general impressions rather than specific descriptions of the places visited (click photos to […]

Ambush in Phuoc Tuy

Brian (Chick) Hennessy. Vietnam veteran. Ambush in Phuoc Tuy They were nearly on him. Padding slowly along a track leading from the Nui Dinh Hills towards Binh Ba further north. Sandals treading softly on the blood-red clay path, carefully avoiding the leafy decay on the fringes. Rifles at the ready. Faces peering into the night. […]


Brian Hennessy. Cambodia. December, 2010 Cambodia. A place of smiles, Angkor Wat temples, and killing fields. The smiles are genuine, a reflection of natural Cambodian courtesy and honour; the temples are a cultural wonder of the world; and the killing fields a reminder of the dark side of humanity. Given certain conditions genocide can happen […]


Brian Hennessy. Laos. October, 2010 Laos. Once a forgotten remnant of the old French empire, later an impotent neighbour as North Vietnam poured troops through its eastern provinces along the Ho Chi Minh Trail into South Vietnam. As a result of this trespass, the US Air Force dropped more bombs on this thin slice of […]

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